Runners wear blue and yellow in Boston solidarity

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RUNNERS have been united in solidarity against scenes of destruction at a marathon thousands of miles away.

Nick Carter from Absolute Running in Stoke Road, Gosport, invited runners this morning to Stokes Bay in Gosport to run in solidarity with those killed and 
injured at the Boston Marathon.

More than 170 people were injured and three killed when two bombs exploded at the finish line at the marathon in America on Monday.

Runners across the world have called for solidarity with those fallen or injured.

The Bayside run normally takes place on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

It ends at Bayside Cabin at Stokes Bay and was opened up to non-members this morning in a sign of unity.

The gathered runners wore blue and yellow, the Boston Marathon’s colours.

Nick said those responsible for the terrorist attack 
picked on the wrong group of people.

He said: ‘Marathon runners by their very nature are fairly resilient and determined people.

‘That’s exactly what’s happened here.

‘As a community of runners we should do something to show that they are in our thoughts.’

Nick plans to meet with others to discuss the best way to raise cash for any victims’ support fund.

And he added the Gosport Road Runners and the Stubbington Green Runners will head to London to watch the city’s marathon on Sunday, instead of staying at home.

He said: ‘We were shocked as we were watching the news feed and saw it on Twitter first.

‘We saw events unfold, but after 10 minutes of that I switched off the TV and went to bed – there wasn’t much you can do.’

But now Nick is showing there is much he and other runners can do to support those in America.

He added: ‘You’ve got to wake up the next morning, refreshed, and see what we can do to help on the back of the investigation to deal with the aftermath.’