Safety fears as ‘car cruisers’ spin around Tesco car park

The Tesco store in Solent Road, Havant
The Tesco store in Solent Road, Havant
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SECURITY patrols have been stepped up to tackle car ‘cruisers’ who meet in a supermarket car park.

A concerned shopper said she witnessed drivers doing dangerous tricks as shoppers tried to get to their own cars at Tesco Extra, Solent Road, Havant.

The problems began a year ago and the shopper, who did not want to be named, said she complained to Tesco and knows of others who have complained, but the situation has not improved.

‘I’ve seen drivers do wheelspins but nothing has been done about it,’ said the woman. ‘They are there from about 6pm every evening.

‘They drive round while people are coming out of the shop with children. I reversed out and was nearly hit.

‘The car must have been doing about 45mph. I was told by another shopper that the people in the group come from all over the county.’

Jordan Foulkard is the founder of car group Southern Cruisers.

He said he and other leaders of the group meet in the car park but would not dream of behaving badly.

He said: ‘We have the Southern Cruisers name painted on the side of our cars.

‘There is no way any of our boys would act like that.

‘All we do is go in, buy a drink and a sandwich and discuss our next events.

‘There are others, not from Southern Cruisers, who drift (skid on handbrake) but it is not us. We were treated so badly by the security at Tesco, even though we were doing nothing wrong, we’ve stopped going there.

‘The bad driving was nothing to do with us. We were founded to dispel the image of delinquent young drivers. We do a lot for charity.’

A spokesman for Tesco acknowledged there was a problem but said steps had been taken to address it.

He added: ‘We always look to ensure our car park is safe and welcoming for customers.

‘Our car park has regular security patrols and we will continue to work with the local police to address any concerns.’