Sailor picked to take part in jubilee flotilla

SKIPPER Alan Priddy on Lively Lady at her home berth at Port Solent Marina
SKIPPER Alan Priddy on Lively Lady at her home berth at Port Solent Marina

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RECORD-BREAKING sailor Alan Priddy has been chosen to take part in a huge flotilla of boats to mark the Queen’s diamond jubilee.

Thousands of boats will be led down the River Thames by the monarch on board the royal barge.

And Accomplish More, the 90ft Portsmouth-based superboat built by Mr Priddy, will join them.

Mr Priddy and his crew are already preparing to use the boat to smash the world record for the fastest circumnavigation of the globe.

But first they will travel from Portsmouth to join the flotilla on June 3.

Mr Priddy, from Southsea, said: ‘It is a huge honour to be escorting Queen Elizabeth down the Thames on her diamond jubilee day.

‘The day marks a very special occasion for Great Britain and all that is good about it.

‘To be alongside the Queen in what is the most technically superior craft ever built will only reinforce that Britain rules the waves.’

Accomplish More will be decorated in national colours and will travel from Portsmouth to be in the pageant.

The flotilla will be the largest in modern times, with hundreds of rowing boats, working boats and leisure vessels decked out with streamers and Union Jacks.

It is thought the procession of boats will stretch for more than 12 miles.

Applications for the event were popular, with three boats applying for every place in the flotilla.