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A REHOMING day for ex-battery hens is being held by a volunteer at the British Hen Welfare Trust.

Alice Moneypenny, from Waterlooville, has organised the event to find homes for 300 hens and save them from slaughter.

The event is the first of its kind to happen in the area and is part of the charity’s national appeal to save as many ex-battery hens as possible before new EU regulations come into effect on January 1.

There are around 16m battery hens in the UK – all of which will be culled when the 2012 EU Barren Cage Ban becomes law unless they are rehomed.

The ban states that minimum cage sizes for hens will be bigger than is currently legal, but hens cannot be transferred from the old cages.

Producers have had 12 years to prepare for the ban and phase out the old cages, but many hens still face slaughter.

Alice has already rehomed 600 hens this month.

The re-homing day takes place at The Paddock, on Furzeley Road, Denmead, on Tuesday. Call 01769 580310.