See the sun like never before at solar day

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PEOPLE are being given the chance to look at the surface of the sun in spectacular detail.

HantsAstro, a regional astronomy group with more than 300 members, is holding a free solar observing event at the visitor centre at Queen Elizabeth Country Park on Sunday from 11am to 6pm.

Members will have the latest solar telescopes for people to use.

Looking directly at the sun is extremely dangerous, but these telescopes filter out everything but hydrogen particles – the main component of the sun.

It means giant leaping solar flares and black sun spots can be seen in vivid detail

The picture above was taken by HantsAstro member Gary Palmer, from Surrey, and visitors will also be able to take pictures on Sunday.

It is hoped live images of the star will be beamed through to the visitor centre’s theatre.

Dave Woods, who lives in Clanfield, from HantsAstro, said: ‘All our public events are free because we believe the sky is free. We can’t charge for it.’