Self-taught Denmead artist who makes life-like 3D wool sculptures of pets 'overwhelmed' by success

A SELF-taught artist who stumbled across making life-like 3D wool sculptures of people’s pets says she is ‘overwhelmed’ by the amount of interest her online business has received.

Wednesday, 11th September 2019, 2:58 pm
Local artist Dayna McFadden

Dayna McFadden only came across needle felting after buying a piece of the art 18 months ago.

The  Denmead artist fell in love with the sculptures and became ‘hooked’ immediately – researching online videos on how to make the pieces.

Now, after learning her craft, the 31-year-old runs thriving online business Heart Felt Friends where she is inundated with requests for sculptures.

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Local artist Dayna McFadden

Dayna said: ‘I discovered the art by mistake after purchasing my nephew a tiny needle felted penguin. I was in love with what I saw and wondered how it was made. I YouTubed the art once and that was it, I was hooked, I bought my first kit and off I went. 

‘I'm self-taught and my art has dramatically advanced in such a short space of time. I create people's beloved pets in 3D wool sculptures from scratch using a small photo from my mobile phone. I often incorporate ashes and fur into these, making them more sentimental.

‘I love my job so much and enjoy the reaction I get from my customers by giving them back a piece of their precious pet.’

Dayna’s business is doing so well she has 14,000 followers on social media and an 18-month waiting list for people to have a piece of her art. 

Local artist Dayna McFadden

As well as making pets she also sculptures a wide range of animals and wildlife, including items such as a Highland cow, platypus, koala, fox and robin. 

The artists also makes miniature accessories by hand like dog collars, horse bridles and even miniature toys and blankets. 

Dayna continued: ‘I'm overwhelmed by the amount of interest people have in my art. I put my heart and soul into every piece. You name it I'll attempt to make it. 

‘My favourite is the palomino coloured horse because I spent the most time on her and wanted to produce something on another level to what I have so far. She contains the real horses tail hair too.’ 

Local artist Dayna McFadden

To see Dayna’ work go to

Local artist Dayna McFadden