Shark takes Southsea diver by surprise as it pops up on British beach

The shark on Chesil beach Picture: Alison Mayor/Solent News
The shark on Chesil beach Picture: Alison Mayor/Solent News
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WATER shock – one diver was amazed to come face to face with this 6ft predator.

Alison Mayor from Southsea Sub-Aqua Club was getting changed after going diving when she spotted the porbeagle shark being dragged along in a lone fisherman’s net.

I think it is such an unusual event, it was a reminder that you don’t see what’s under the water

Alison Mayor

The shark – which is rare in UK waters – died in the nets and caused a stir among onlookers on Chesil Beach in Dorset.

A crowd gathered round the fish to marvel at the sea predator, which was lying on the pebble beach with its sharp teeth on show.

Alison has been diving for 13 years after taking it up as a hobby when someone bought her an experience day for her 40th birthday.

The 53-year-old said: ‘There were a group of us from the club that had been down for some lovely diving in Chesil Cove.

‘It’s a very popular diving location.

‘We had just got out of the water and I was getting changed when I noticed a fishing boat which seemed to be towing an upside-down surf board.

‘Then, the fisherman dragged this shark on to the beach.

‘The boat was only a little longer than the shark.

‘I grabbed my phone and took a few photos.’

Alison, of West Leigh in Havant, said she was shocked to spot a shark so close to home.

‘It’s unusual to see them this close,’ she said.

‘They are an endangered species. I have never seen a shark in the UK of that type.

‘It was a bit of a shock to see it. I wouldn’t have liked to have come across one in the water.

‘I think it is such an unusual event. It was a reminder that you don’t see what’s under the water.

‘This was relatively small. I don’t think they have been known to attack anyone.

‘They aren’t dangerous to humans and they fish.

‘But I think if I had come across it in the water it would have taken me by surprise.

‘It won’t stop me going. It’s a lovely diving spot but this is a bit unnerving.

‘I have never heard of it happening there before and I would hope it was a one-off.’