Shelter seeks new home for fun-loving rodents

HOMELESS One of the degus
HOMELESS One of the degus

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AN ANIMAL shelter is looking for loving homes for a number of rodents brought in as the result of overbreeding.

Kate Jackson, animal care assistant at the Stubbington Ark is helping to look after the degus and said: ‘We need the public’s support in giving these popular fun-loving creatures homes.

‘Being rodents they love to chew, so a plastic cage will be no good for their home. An aquarium with a metal top or a metal cage would be ideal.

‘Degus are social animals but due to the numbers we have at the Ark at the moment, handling has been limited, so they will need time to get to know and trust you.

‘However, they do best if kept with other degus because of their social nature.’

Anyone wishing to adopt should call the Ark on 01329 667541 or drop in at Ranvilles Lane, Stubbington, between 10am and 4pm.