Short-eared owl seen near Portsmouth

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A regular winter visitor to Hampshire has been spotted near Portsmouth.

Pictures of the Short-eared owl, which come to the area in variable numbers, have been taken sweeping the area.

They breed in open, rough country in northern England, Wales and Scotland but in the winter they head to the lowlands of southern and eastern England, where the population is boosted by birds from Scandinavia.

This year is looking positive, as up to four birds have been recorded at Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust’s Farlington Marshes Nature Reserve.

Unlike some other owl species, these charismatic birds are active during the daytime, delighting local visitors and photographers with their sweeping flights and hunting prowess.

To catch a glimpse of them, head to Farlington Marshes (off the A27/A2030 roundabout) during dry weather and keep your eyes peeled.

You might also spot other birds of prey like peregrine falcons and marsh harriers hunting, and you won’t be able to miss the migratory waterfowl arriving in their thousands to spend the winter, like Brent geese, wigeon.’

Pictures: Trevor Codlin

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