Six new canons appointed for their contribution to diocese

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SIX new canons have been appointed at a cathedral.

The Bishop of Chichester Dr Martin Warner has announced the new roles at the city’s cathedral.

The title is typically bestowed on a priest or lay person in recognition of service to the diocese or wider church.

The six appointed canons are The Rev Mark Gilbert, The Rev Tim Peskett, The Rev Phil Moon, The Rev Alison Bowman, The Rev Archie Coates, and The Rev Ann Waizenecker.

With these appointments, Bishop Martin said he recognised the contribution each has made to the life of the diocese.

Dr Warner said: ‘I am delighted to welcome those announced as canons of Chichester Cathedral.

‘Each of them has made a distinctive contribution to the life and work of the diocese in a variety of ways and I hope that the wider diocese will pray for them as we welcome them to this new aspect of their ministry.’

Each of the new canons will be designated a stall or seat in Chichester 
Cathedral and they will become members of the Greater Chapter of Chichester Cathedral. The award is marked by a special service in the Cathedral Church of the Diocese.

The installations will take place at the cathedral in two ceremonies on Saturday, September 19 at 5.30pm, and on Sunday, October 11 at 3.30pm. The celebrations will be led by the bishop.