Six-year-old gets help after mum collapses at home

FAMILY HUG Jake Barber, six, with his mum Terri Barber and dad Iain.     Picture: Sarah Standing (110414-1416)
FAMILY HUG Jake Barber, six, with his mum Terri Barber and dad Iain. Picture: Sarah Standing (110414-1416)
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A SIX-YEAR-OLD boy who found his mum unconscious on the floor has been praised for his quick thinking after he got help.

Jake Barber managed to get through to the switchboard at Queen Alexandra Hospital, where his dad is a security guard, when mum Terri’s heart condition caused her to collapse suddenly.

The youngster stayed calm – even putting the mum-of-two into the recovery position – then waited beside her until help arrived.

Dialling the number marked ‘emergency’ on the family’s noticeboard, Jake waited patiently and explained to several members of the Cosham hospital’s staff what had happened.

While his dad Iain raced home in his car, the Meon Infant School pupil followed his instructions without panicking, and looked after his mum until he arrived.

‘We are so proud him,’ said 25-year-old Terri, from Southsea. ‘Many adults in his position might have just frozen, but he stayed calm and was amazingly brave.

‘The QA switchboard isn’t easy to navigate, and the fact that he managed to find his dad was just incredible.’

Terri said she had just put her daughter to bed when she blacked out, only to wake up with her son by her side.

She said: ‘One minute he was sitting quietly watching the Simpsons, then he was sitting next to me stroking my hair and telling me everything was going to be all right.

‘I just burst into tears, it was overwhelming to think Jake had called his dad by himself, but horrible to imagine him finding me passed out.’

Terri suffers from an underlying heart problem which causes her blood to pump too fast, and she lost consciousness 10 times last year.

When Iain, 34, found his wife unconscious he took her straight into hospital, but was astonished to receive his son’s phone call.

‘My first reaction was disbelief,’ he said. ‘And then it sunk in how remarkable it was. I’m just glad he kept his head and knew what to do, it could have saved Terri’s life.

‘He did brilliantly, but we’ve told him next time to call 999.’

Jake was honoured for his quick thinking by his teacher and headteacher in a special assembly of his whole school, where he told them what he had done.

‘I felt very brave when I went back to school,’ said Jake. ‘And I was proud of what I did.

‘Finding daddy on the phone took a little while, but he told me how to make sure mummy was OK, and I just listened to what he said.’