Skins star takes centre stage at college in bid to inspire arts students

STAR Mitch Hewer in Skins as Maxxie
STAR Mitch Hewer in Skins as Maxxie
Picture: Pierandrea Guarnieri

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HE’S best known for starring in TV show Skins – but yesterday Mitch Hewer took a break from acting in a bid to inspire students in Fareham to success.

Mitch was at Fareham College to speak to performing arts and music students and give them tips about how to break into the entertainment industry.

TIPS Actor Mitch Hewer with Fareham College students.  Picture: Allan Hutchings

TIPS Actor Mitch Hewer with Fareham College students. Picture: Allan Hutchings

The 22-year-old played Maxxie Oliver in the popular teenage drama.

Mitch was taught by Mark Cooper, the college’s director of faculty for visual and performing arts, when he trained at drama college in Bristol.

Mitch said: ‘I do think giving back is great and it helps lots of kids out. Hopefully they are inspired.

‘There are a lot of kids who need the inspiration.’

Mitch spoke to students at the college and answered their questions before taking part in an acting workshop.

He said he originally wanted to be a dancer but got his big break when he was spotted by a casting director from Channel 4.

‘If you put everything you have into it then when that lucky time arises you are going to be the one who shines through,’ he told the students.

‘And you can never stop learning. Even the biggest actors keep learning, so read as much as you can.’

Mitch was also asked about playing a gay role in Skins.

‘As an actor I think any role given to you is a pleasure to play,’ he said.

‘I had so many people who wrote to me who said it helped them come out or be who they really are.

‘I’m so happy that it touched so many people and helped them with their lives.’

Mark added: ‘We want to give the students at Fareham College aspiration to go on and make it in the business. If they believe and have the basic skills in performance, the world is their oyster.

‘I want the students in performing arts to have real aspirations and realise that if they work hard, there will be opportunities out there for them.

‘I want to show them that they could be as successful as Mitch in the future.’

Since Skins, Mitch starred in Britannia High where he played Danny Miller, and he has spent the last seven months living in LA and auditioning for movies.