Sleeping rough a must for Daniel O’Donnell’s faithful fans

STAR Daniel O'Donnell
STAR Daniel O'Donnell
Picture: Malcolm Wells

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HARDY fans set up camp outside the Guildhall box office to ensure they got their hands on tickets to see Daniel O’Donnell in Portsmouth.

A group of around 12 people slept outside the concert hall for three nights, braving all sorts of weather, to be first in line as tickets went on sale this morning.

Nesta Carroll, 67, of Astley Street, Southsea, was at the front of the queue and was determined to wait out the cold in a bid to see her sweetheart in concert.

She came prepared for the long stint, armed with a sleeping bag, a thin mattress and lots of blankets.

Nesta said: ‘I had everything I needed to last me through the nights – I’m well practised, I’ve been doing it for years and it’s always the same group of people who camp out for tickets.

‘We’ve all become friends now and keep in touch after the concerts, it really is quite a social experience.

‘I’ve been a fan of Daniel’s for about 18 years and have lost track of the amount of times I’ve been to see him – I’ve been to Ireland about seven times to see him there as well as lots of shows in England.

‘But he doesn’t come down here very much any more so I was really happy when I heard he was coming to Portsmouth again.’

Daniel will play at Guildhall for one night only, October 4, as part of his autumn tour with only eight other dates across the UK.

And lucky Nesta managed to bag herself some front row seats.

She added: ‘I’ve been in the front row before and it’s amazing being that close. He’s a brilliant performer, I don’t know what it is about him, he’s just got it.

‘The atmosphere is always brilliant, and everyone joins in with the singing and there are some songs that we all wave our hands around to, it’s just fabulous – I can’t wait.’

Since the dawn of the new century Daniel as had 11 albums in the top ten in the British charts, six UK number ones and established his career in America and Canada.