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LITTLE PIGGIES Kunekune piglets at Staunton Country Park
LITTLE PIGGIES Kunekune piglets at Staunton Country Park
Tyler Smith

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CUDDLING up to each other for extra warmth, these tiny piglets are starting out their lives in very good hands.

The newborns are receiving tender loving care from expert staff at Staunton Country Park in Havant.

A total of 15 piglets have been born at the park in a matter of days.

A few wisps of hair will soon grow into a thick coat of fur as these piglets belong to a special variety called Kunekune, which were originally kept by the Maoris in New Zealand.

Wilma, a Kunekune sow, and Simon, the park’s boar, became parents to seven piglets.

A day later and the other Kunekune sow, Betty, did one better and gave birth to eight piglets.

Both mums where given to Staunton by a local smallholding last year and have been reared since they were 12 weeks old.

This is their first time they have become mums.

Adrian McKay, farm manager said ‘Both mums and piglets are doing well and enjoying their time on the farm and getting lots of attention from our visitors.’