Smoking breaks blamed for delays at tower wedding

Sarah Hickish, 21, and Lewis Hickish, 23 on their wedding day at the Spinnaker Tower.
Sarah Hickish, 21, and Lewis Hickish, 23 on their wedding day at the Spinnaker Tower.
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A COUPLE who held their wedding reception at the Spinnaker Tower were told they couldn’t have any dessert – because they wasted too much time going out for a smoke.

Sarah and Lewis Hickish tied the knot and held a party for their loved ones at the Portsmouth landmark.

They paid £6,000 to hire the venue and £2,400 of the amount was spent on a three-course sit-down meal at the top of the tower.

But because the bride and groom and 10 guests went out to smoke in between courses, there wasn’t enough time to dish up dessert and after-dinner drinks.

Continuum Group, which runs the Spinnaker Tower, said people using the lift to go down the tower, outside to smoke and back up again had caused delays.

Starters and main courses dragged out over two hours because catering staff wouldn’t serve up until the newlywed couple were seated.

Sarah, 21, says she and husband Lewis, 23, who live in Kingston Road, Buckland, were left in the dark. Sarah said: ‘There was a complete lack of communication from staff on the day.

‘It had never been discussed before the day that food or drink wouldn’t be served if me and Lewis weren’t sat down together. I’m disgusted because the fiasco nearly ruined the biggest day of our lives.’

The pair have the support of Portsmouth South MP Mike Hancock, who has asked Continuum Group to refund the couple the cost of the courses they missed.

Mr Hancock said: ‘It was meant to be their special day. They cannot be held responsible for what happened.’

Ellie Stokes, of the Continuum Group, said: ‘The bride and groom chose to go outside to smoke.

‘As we try to make their day as special as possible, we would not have refused them.

‘Unfortunately, this then impacted on the meal timings.’