Solo rower forced back

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ADVENTURER Roz Savage has been forced back to shore during an attempt to become the first woman to row across the three largest oceans.

The 43-year-old, from Emsworth, was towed back to the Australian town of Leeman on Tuesday.

An electric pump on board her 23ft boat developed problems after stormy weather.

The pump is used to make seawater drinkable.

The sailor said: ‘As I was only 20 miles from land, and had 4,000 miles to go, it seemed sensible to return to port to pre-emptively head off the water-maker problem.

‘The people of Leeman have been wonderful.

‘All and sundry mucked in for the rather complicated operation of getting the boat out of the water and onto a flatbed.’

With a broken pump, the intrepid rower would have been forced to spend two hours a day hand-pumping water during her four-month solo journey across the Indian Ocean.

She hopes to resume her attempt, which started on April 13, later this week.

She has already rowed the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.