Southern children short changed by the Tooth Fairy

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Children in the south east are among the least ‘rewarded’ by the Tooth Fairy.

A fun survey shows the average payout for a lost molar is £1.10 - just 3p more than the lowest regional average.

And children here trail by 68p tooth-for-tooth with the higest paid youngesters in Britain - those in Scotland.

Research from SunLife found that the Tooth Fairy leaves on average £1.31, and with an estimated 15 million milk teeth falling out each year, that means a staggering £19.6 million being hidden under pillows across the UK.

SunLife also found that the Tooth Fairy is more generous is some parts of the country than others.

Overall, the Tooth Fairy is more generous in the North of the country and she is busier too.

Scottish children receive the most - £1.78 on average – while children in the East Midlands receive the least - £1.07 for each tooth.

The most common coin left in the UK is £1 with 48%, in the North East 44% get a £2 coin.

In the East Midlands, one in five get just 50p when they lose a tooth.

In Yorkshire and Humberside, 78% of under 11s get visits from the tooth fairy, falling to 76% in the North West and 75% in the North East.

Just 66% of youngsters receive visits in East Anglia and just 50% in London.

Ian Atkinson at SunLife said: “It is interesting to see that the tooth fairy is more generous in some parts of the country than others – maybe she visits certain towns and cities before others, so she has less money left towards the end of her journey.

“But when you take the average amount children are receiving for a lost tooth, most will have around £26 by the time they’ve lost all their milk teeth, while children in Scotland will have around £35 and some will have £100 - a good amount to save for a rainy day.”

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