Southsea son of £101m lottery winner says dad ‘deserves’ jackpot win

WINNERS Michael Dawes father David and partner Angela
WINNERS Michael Dawes father David and partner Angela
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The son of £101 million lottery winner David Dawes today said his father deserved the money ‘for the tough times while he raised me as a single dad.’

Former Navy electronic warfare specialist Michael Dawes, 26, said his father and step mother, Angela, were very ‘grounded’ and would use the money to make a lot of people happy.

Michael, who returned from a six month tour of Afghanistan in June, said he had an humble upbringing and his father had done the best he could on his own.

Michael, who has served on HMS Ark Royal, wore jeans and a blue Hollister hoodie as he spoke at his semi-detached block of flats, in Southsea.

He said: ‘Dad phoned me on Sunday morning and there was something different in his voice which automatically makes you think it’s going to be bad news.

‘He asked me to sit down and once I had he asked me if I had seen the result of the euro lottery.

‘I said the news had reported it was someone from Britain, which was nice to see.

‘Then he said ‘well, your father has won’.

‘I instantly believed him because he’s not the type to pull that kind of joke.

‘He sounded very tired and afterward I found out he had been up all night on the Friday because he was paranoid about losing his ticket.

‘I was over the moon and told him I was happy for him and that he should get some rest.

‘He raised me and and a sibling mostly on his own and sometimes things were very tough.

‘He deserves this for being so hard working and humble.

‘I don’t really want to go into the things we’ve been through but we’ve had our fair share.

‘I’m so pleased that someone like him, who has given everything his whole life to make sure his children are happy, wil be taken care of for the rest of his life.

‘Him and Angela are very grounded people and are going to make a lot of people happy with the money.

‘There are youngsters in our family and they will be provided for and will have a lot of opportunities.

‘I haven’t asked him for any money but obviously I know I will be taken care of and I’m just happy that so many people will benefit.

‘They have said they are going to make 20 friends millionaires and they have always been sensible and generous.

‘Since leaving the Navy I have a new job in IT, which I want to continue with but I haven’t been at work the last couple of days because things have been a bit crazy.

‘It’s such a shock and I can’t wait to see them soon.’