Southsea street party brings people together for celebration

A STREET in Portsmouth that has been holding street parties for years is urging other roads to follow suit and bring the community closer together.

Monday, 3rd September 2018, 4:02 pm
Updated Monday, 3rd September 2018, 4:07 pm
FUN DAY: Street Party in Allens Road, Southsea - Riley Bridgman, nine, plays a giant game of Jenga with Che Molyneaux on a scooter behind. Picture: Vernon Nash (180429-014)

The annual street party in Allens Road, Southsea, was held on Saturday, with the entire street taking the day to spend some quality time out in the sunshine together.

People in the street all pitched in to make the day a success '“ from bringing out food and games for the children to play to decorating their homes for a competition.

The event also raised money for the Lord Mayor's Appeal, giving a helping hand to a number of local charities.

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Moira Vence-Gunstane is one of those who helped to organise the street party.

She said: '˜This year we have a lot of new residents who have moved in so it's nice to people to get to know each other.

'˜We choose different charities to support each year, and this year we decided to support the Lord Mayor's Appeal.

'˜It is something that everyone looks forward to and everyone contributes something to '“ we've had lots going on all day and the perfect weather has absolutely topped off a brilliant day.'

Moira believes that the street parties have brought the whole street closer together, and says she would love to see more taking place around Portsmouth.

She said: '˜It's a bit old-fashioned but it is just so great to be able to bring everybody in the street together for something like this.

'˜To see all the kids playing in the street together and everyone enjoying themselves is really special.

'˜There's no pressure on neighbours to do lots of stuff for the day either '“ just come out and enjoy themselves at their own leisure.'

Bill Edwards MBE, 74, has lived in the street for 35 years. He agrees that more streets in Portsmouth should spend quality time together in a similar way.

Bill said: '˜If I recall correctly, the first street party was back in 2008.

'˜Children playing games in the street, competitions for the best decorated biscuits and houses '“ that is what this street party is all about.

'˜To get everyone in our community together like this for one another is great.'