Southsea surrogate who helped best friend and his husband to become dads is supporting family a second time

A SOUTHSEA woman who was a surrogate mother for two of her friends is helping the couple become parents for a second time.

By Emily Jessica Turner
Thursday, 26th August 2021, 10:48 am
Updated Friday, 27th August 2021, 9:39 am
Baby Ralph was born last year. Picture: Chris Moorhouse (jpns 180821-10)
Baby Ralph was born last year. Picture: Chris Moorhouse (jpns 180821-10)

Chantelle Wyatt, 37, offered to carry a baby for her friend Scott Turner-Griffiths and his husband Josh, and the couple became dads when she gave birth to Ralph last year.

Now three months pregnant, Chantelle is helping the couple again as they grow their family.

Chantelle, a teacher, said: ‘It was something we had loosely discussed the first time around.

Chantelle at home. Picture: Chris Moorhouse (jpns 180821-11)

‘I knew the boys would love a sibling for baby Ralph and so it was really a natural progression.’

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She is passionate about promoting surrogacy, and said: ‘I didn’t choose to be a surrogate just because. It wasn't a whim.

‘I believe in the little family I helped come to be.’

Chantelle Wyatt of Southsea, will be a surrogate mother for a friend and his husband for the second time. Picture: Chris Moorhouse (jpns 180821-07)

Chantelle added that she was met with mixed feedback the first time she was a surrogate for her friends.

She said: ‘Just because I decided to be a surrogate, doesn’t mean that I expected everyone to be onboard.

‘It is a delicate process but I assured them all it is by no means an easy path.

‘I have the utmost respect and love for people who foster, adopt and just care for children that are not their own.

‘Surrogacy is another element of that. It is just a way to help make a family.

‘Everyone deserves the right to have that if they wish.’

Scott and Chantelle have known each other since secondary school.

She added: ‘The couple I had a baby for are tremendous parents to a happy, healthy, clever boy.

‘They are owning Dad life and I look at them with nothing but admiration.’

Chantelle says that her experience the second time around has been different, and while she did not have any symptoms with Ralph, she has now had to adapt to feeling tired and nauseous.

She said: ‘Getting pregnant was much easier because I knew what to expect this time around.

‘The dads make it a very smooth process for me with lots of support, advice and love at every turn.

‘I think our friends and family are just supportive and excited, just as you would expect anyone to be about a new baby.

‘We are lucky to have such good people around us.’

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