Spinnaker Tower celebrates its 10th anniversary

  • Lift takes 28 seconds to get to 100m
  • Weekend fun included prize booth
  • Nine-tier cake was made especially for the anniversary
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It’s a towering landmark that can be spotted for miles across the south coast.

A decade ago the Emirates Spinnaker Tower opened its doors and lifts for the first time.

We’re proud to be celebrating the anniversary

General manager Sarah Webb

Over the weekend, staff at the iconic tower in Gunwharf Quays held a host of celebrations to mark its 10th anniversary.

There was a prize booth, face painter, balloon modeller, and people could even write on the windows of the tower.

These messages will then be photographed and kept as an anniversary memory.

Tilly Marchant, 30, of Queens Road, Buckland, visited for the first time with her daughter Marla, three, and eight-month-old son Rigby.

Tilly said: ‘It’s my first visit and thought it would be a good weekend to bring the kids over.

‘It’s one of those things that is in your home town and you never get round to doing it.

‘As it was the 10th anniversary I thought it would be a good idea to take a look.

‘I’ve been brought up in Portsmouth, so it’s great to see how out and recognise the different places.’

Since it first opened, the tower has increased what it offers as well as going through a sponsorship makeover.

People can get married up the tower, abseil down it, hold parties and meetings – all 100m above the sea line.

In just 28 seconds a lift takes you to the first-floor viewing deck, which also has a glass floor.

Floors two and three can be accessed via stairs, with a cafe on floor two.

This year the white tower was painted gold and blue after Portsmouth City Council signed a multi-million pound deal with Emirates to sponsor the tower.

Julian Sexton, 40, his wife Christine, 39, and their children Molly, 10, and Alicia, five, visited from Andover.

Julian said: ‘It’s a great attraction and the views from up here are brilliant.’

A nine-tier cake with the tower across it was also on display.

General manager Sarah Webb said: ‘We’re proud to be celebrating the anniversary.’