Spooktacular! Flat is transformed into a Halloween haven

Anastasia Miller
Anastasia Miller
A jumper being fixed up at the cafe's recent trial. Credit: Repair Cafe Portsmouth

Portsmouth’s first repair cafe is set to debut this weekend

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IT IS her favourite holiday and Anastasia Miller loves to go all out.

So the Halloween fan has spent the last two months decorating her flat in time for the spooky day.

As well as skeletons and fake candles, Anastasia has made a black tree with ravens to sit in a window for her neighbours to see.

The 38-year-old, originally from America, grew up with big celebrations at Halloween as her mum Melanie Ellen used to love the day.

Anastasia said: ‘When I was younger, my mum always used to decorate the house weeks before other people.

‘She used to make big decorations to hang in the windows and a lot of the things we had on show, she hand-made.

‘When she passed away, I wanted to keep her traditions going.’

Anastasia and her husband Steven got married on Halloween and their wedding was Halloween-themed.

She added: ‘As well as the importance my mum put on Halloween, it is a special day because it is our wedding anniversary. So we will spend the night together to celebrate.’

Anastasia, from Buckland, hopes to inspire other people in Portsmouth to make a bigger celebration out of Halloween.

She said: ‘For me, Halloween isn’t about the silly scariness.

‘It is definitely an occasion for adults and I like to have my flat looking elegant and spooky.

‘I like the Victorian era so that’s what I base my Halloween on.

‘The whole holiday is a chance for people to let loose and let their imagination run wild. I hope it becomes bigger in the UK.’

Anastasia wants to start making Halloween stocking and tree ornaments.

She added: ‘I want to make Halloween bigger than Christmas because it is such a fun holiday.’