St Mary’s Church on Songs of Praise again

Fr Bob White of St Mary's
Fr Bob White of St Mary's
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A SECOND chance to see a Portsmouth congregation on Songs of Praise is coming up this Sunday.

Worshippers in St Mary’s Church, Fratton, were captured on film back in February and broadcast as part of a television special during Easter.

But TV crews also recorded material for two further programmes, the first of which will be on BBC1 at 4.40pm this Sunday.

It will be called Portsmouth People and also features city landmarks such as the Spinnaker Tower and Historic Dockyard.

Filming took place with a choir of 40 members and a 650 strong congregation, who performed a number of hymns in front of the cameras.

Father Bob White, the vicar of St Mary’s Church, said he had been amazed by all the work that goes into producing each episode.

He said: ‘It was very good fun.

‘Last time we got lots of letters and emails from people who recognised the city and enjoyed the programme.

‘It’s quite stunning to see how much is involved in the process – the amount of cabling and lighting and the sheer number of hours that go into it.

‘But we had great fun, though it was fairly tiring singing the same 10 hymns over and over again.

‘I think there is a maritime theme to this programme and they spent time filming in and around the city.’

Worshippers throughout the Portsmouth diocese were invited to apply for tickets to form part of the singing congregation and an overwhelming number of requests were received.

The final programme will air in March next year.