St Paul’s wedding for couple together since they were 11

SWEETHEARTS Charlotte Woods and her fianc� Andrew Bailey. Picture: Sarah Standing (131077-9576)
SWEETHEARTS Charlotte Woods and her fianc� Andrew Bailey. Picture: Sarah Standing (131077-9576)
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YOUNG love often seems like it will last forever but vanishes as quickly as it started.

But not so for Charlotte Woods, 23, and Andrew Bailey, 22, of Brockhurst Road in Gosport who have been together since they were 11 and are getting married today.

And there is no better place to have the ceremony than St Paul’s Cathedral in London, itself paying testament to longevity, having stood in its current form since 1677.

The devoted pair tie the knot today in the British Empire Chapel at the cathedral, and have been allowed to do so as Andrew’s father has an MBE.

That means any of the newlyweds’ children can also be christened at the chapel –but none happen to be on the way just yet.

Charlotte said the secret of their success was them being best friends.

She said: ‘We get along really well and like the same things. None of our friends have been together as long as us. We’ve followed pretty much exactly in my mum and dad’s footsteps – they got together when they were 11.’

After meeting each other at the start of term at Brune Park Community School in September, the pair got together in just a month, officially becoming boyfriend and girlfriend in the October.

Andrew added: ‘We don’t argue and because we grew up together we know each other, so there’s nothing you don’t know about.’

Andrew proposed on Valentine’s Day in 2011, surprising his partner with a cooked breakfast – with an engagement ring on the side.

It took Charlotte a while to notice the ring on the day. But the couple’s friends have known for a long time they would get married.

The pair have united friends and family, including Charlotte’s mum Julie Woods, 47 and dad Kevin 45, along with Andrew’s dad Martin, 52 and mum Diane, 49.

After a rehearsal last night, the wedding today sees Charlotte arrive in a vintage car, while Andrew will arrive with his best man and friends in three red, white and blue Mini Coopers.

Speaking ahead of the wedding Charlotte said: ‘I’m looking forward to it but I am quite nervous.

‘It’s all about family – we’re both quite family-oriented people – it’s about having the families together.’