Steven’s all made up for Halloween

Steven Harris
Steven Harris
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FOR special effects make-up artist Steven Harris, halloween is his busiest time of year.

The Southampton Solent University student, has been learning the trade on gruesome make-up and facial prosthetics.

Steven, from Stamshaw, practises the looks on himself but says friends and family are always asking for tips.

‘I am normally booked up at halloween,’ he says.

‘I can get around 60 requests just before halloween night.

‘The easiest look is probably a zombie because if you make a mistake it is easy to cover up with fake blood.’

Steven, 39, has always been into horror films and when he was nine he would play around with different looks.

But as he got older, he stopped and instead made a career in the Royal Navy where he stayed for 12 years.

He adds: ‘It was about three years ago that I thought it was time to get back into my passion.’

Steve’s top tips:

n One of the easiest make-ups to create is definitely the classic zombie. To stand out from the zombie horde add props. One used in many zombie films is a prop hand that has been handcuffed to the wrist with toy handcuffs. You could use an old latex glove filled with cotton wool and tape, sew or glue it to the end of a sleeve of a shirt.

n To age and weather clothes use a little water and rub in some coffee granules, black and brown boot polish and poster paints. Use a cheese grater to rough up the collar and cuffs of tops.

n For teenagers and adults you can create rotten skin by applying liquid latex and tissue paper to the areas of your face taking care to avoid the eyes, lips, eyebrows and hairline.

n You can also use some dark face paint to sponge on the eyes, just below the cheeks and on the tip of the nose to create a sunken eye, gaunt cheek and chewed-off nose look.