Strange lights prompt wild UFO speculation

Credit: Daniel Smith
Credit: Daniel Smith
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FLASHING lights and strange objects have been spotted in the air by residents across the area, prompting speculation about UFOs.

On Monday, The News published a video of an object captured by Daniel Smith in Gregson Avenue, Hilsea.

On the four-minute clip, three lights can be seen moving around and forming a triangle in the sky. The video has been watched more than 1,000 times.

Readers have since got in touch to say they have seen similar objects.

NHS worker Alexa Hughes, from Fareham, said she was leaving the house of one of her patients last Wednesday at around 9pm when she spotted strange lights in Mays Lane, Stubbington.

‘I was on my way home when I saw them,’ she said.

‘I pulled over and started filming it. The way they were moving freaked me out.

‘I started shaking when it looked like they were getting closer, which made me drop my phone.’

She said the lights were flashing and changing colours from green to pink and purple.

She added: ‘At first I thought it was an helicopter or a drone. But they were too big for that.’

She called her ex-husband Mark Hughes, who was with their nine-year-old son Leland and friend Layla Hutfield, and they caught a glimpse of two of the lights.

Another reader Collins Bojant, 69, from Waterloo Street, in Southsea, said she also saw something similar at around 1am on Friday.

She said: ‘There were strange lights, really bright and different colours. It didn’t look right.’

Scores of people have commented on The News’ Facebook page, some saying they have seen the object although many believe the lights are caused by a drone.