Streaker is ‘loving the limelight’

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FRIENDS of the streaker who caused a furore on a football pitch say he is enjoying his 15 minutes of fame.

Alan Young became an internet sensation following his actions at the Havant and Waterlooville FC match against Dorchester FC on Monday night.

The streaker on the pitch at West Leigh Park.   Picture: Dave Haines

The streaker on the pitch at West Leigh Park. Picture: Dave Haines

As reported, the 20-year-old, from Paulsgrove, ran onto the pitch wearing just a green ‘mankini’ and a curly wig.

He was then rugby-tackled by Dorchester player/manager Ashley Vickers who was promptly sent off by referee David Spain for violent conduct.

The YouTube video of the incident has become a hit with almost 300,000 views in less than 48 hours.

Now Mr Young’s friends have revealed it was all planned the day before the match.

One, who did not want to be named, said: ‘It’s shot around the world so quickly. We looked on Google today and the story is in Canada and Australia, everywhere.

‘He’s overwhelmed by it all really.’

He added: ‘There were quite a few of us involved in it all. We had a few drinks on the Sunday.

‘We had a few beers and someone bet £100 he wouldn’t run on to the pitch.

‘On Monday we all went down and he sank a few beers before he went on there for Dutch courage.

‘He does do some mad things but nothing like this before.

‘He wants to carry on and do something else now.

‘He wants to capitalise on it.’

The News tried to contact Mr Young but he did not respond.

Speaking to a national newspaper, he said: ‘It was only a bit of a joke.

‘The security people were too slow. Ashley caught me quite well – he should be a rugby player.’

Although Mr Young considers himself a fan of the club he looks likely to be banned for life.

Hawks look set to be charged with misconduct by a spectator which means they must come down hard on Mr Young to prevent it happening again.

Meanwhile, Mr Vickers says he will appeal against the red card he was handed on Monday when his team lost 3-1 at Westleigh Park.

FA sources say it would probably be quashed.