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A GOSPORT sailor racing round the world has released a Christmas video, despite struggling to stay in the race.

Alex Thomson, is sailing solo round the world in the Vendee Globe but has had setbacks after his Hugo Boss yacht struck an unknown object on December 9.

He continues to conserve power as the damage to one of his two hydrogenerators means he cannot generate enough power.

Speaking on the video, the solo skipper said: ‘Christmas is going to be a little bit different for me than for you guys.

‘I’m not sure Santa Claus is going to visit me but just in case I’m growing a beard.

‘Anyway, I wish you all a very merry Christmas.’

Alex has now gone beyond halfway in the race and is in the Pacific Ocean.

When he is halfway across the ocean he will be 2,200 miles away from land.

‘Although Christmas is just another day in the race it still is hard to be out here with limited contact,’ he said.

‘My wife Kate and son Oscar are in Sweden with her family this Christmas.

‘I have gifts from them onboard and I was also prepared this year and bought all my presents in November but I am going to miss spending my son’s second Christmas with him.’