Stubborn motorist pays thousands in fines to park outside his home

Gordon MacRae
Gordon MacRae
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STUBBORN Gordon Macrae has racked up more than £2,000 in penalties by ignoring restrictions and parking outside his home.

Mr Macrae, of Medina Road, Cosham, clocked up 10 parking tickets in a year after he vowed to ignore rules about parking bays in the street.

Mr Macrae kept his car parked outside his home all day in bays where parking is only allowed for up to an hour during daytime hours. After he paid two of the £50 tickets, which were issued by Portsmouth City Council, he refused to hand over any more money.

Now the eight remaining fines have been placed in the hands of bailiffs and his final bill has soared to more than £2,000.

Mr Macrae, 59, said: ‘I wanted my day in court with the council but instead I’ve been put in the hands of bailiffs. They’ve demanded upwards of £300 for each parking ticket.’

The bays have been in force since Mr Macrae moved into his home four years ago. The move was agreed by residents who voted in favour of the restrictions through surveys during a public consultation. Mr Macrae has faced the fines since he bought a car a year ago.

‘I could have easily stopped parking in the spaces, but I didn’t on principle,’ Mr Macrae said. ‘Why should everyone else in the street be able to park their cars outside their houses all day and I can’t?’

He said: ‘I still want to park my car outside my house.

‘I pay my council tax and all my bills. I want the peace of mind that I can leave my house, jump in my car and go out for the day.

‘It’s made my life an absolute misery. I can’t park anywhere else in the street because on several occasions my tyres have been punctured and the doors have been keyed.

‘It’s a pain having to park my car in a completely different area.

‘I tried leaving my car in Hawthorn Crescent but that’s easily a 20-minute walk from my house.

‘Unfortunately, the council won’t give me a resident’s permit.’

Mr Macrae’s son Tommy, 24, of Timsbury Crescent, Havant, said: ‘I don’t understand why the council can’t lift the restrictions on at least one of the bays.’

Michael Robinson, parking manager for Portsmouth City Council, said: ‘A permit cannot be obtained if the spaces don’t fall under the resident parking zone.

‘Parking restrictions in every area go through an extensive public consultation. Surveys are carried out and a public meeting is held with members of the council’s traffic and transport department.

‘Getting yourself loads of parking fines isn’t the way to go about changing things. If Mr Macrae goes to his ward councillor then the situation can be looked at and changes could be made to the current scheme.’