Students gear up for night of carnage in Portsmouth

BAR CRAWL A 'carnage' night at Liquid and Envy
BAR CRAWL A 'carnage' night at Liquid and Envy
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THOUSANDS of students are expected to descend on Portsmouth for a night of ‘carnage’ this weekend.

Around 2,000 University of Portsmouth students will be out in the city in fancy dress for an annual bar crawl, called Carnage UK, on Sunday.

It comes days after students in the city were told they face expulsion if found responsible for anti-social disorder.

Some venues will offer discounts on food and free soft drinks but organisers Varsity Leisure Group have asked them not to lay on drinks promotions.

The firm has also paid for security stewards and medical staff to make sure the event passes safely.

Portsmouth City Council’s Cllr Rob Wood, who is in charge of education, said: ‘I would say they should have fun but have fun responsibly.

‘I think they need to take on board the message that was said about behaviour in the community because clearly there is concern about it.

‘I’m sure the university will stand by what they said about behaviour.’

As reported in The News on Wednesday, students were warned they face being kicked out of university after being blamed for a spate of vandalism in Portsmouth.

Among the complaints made to the university include noise disturbance, uprooting a tree and urinating and vomiting in streets.

Varsity Leisure Group, the firm behind the Carnage event, says it has told bars and clubs not to discount alcoholic drinks for the night.

They have also put on extra taxis to make sure students get home safely.

A spokesman said: ‘While the vast majority of attendees are well-behaved, educated individuals, it is regrettable that on occasion, a minority of people will behave in a manner which is unacceptable.

‘Carnage UK events are exceptionally popular, there is no need to discount drinks or offer drinks promotions.

‘The premises are expected to operate to the highest standards.

‘This is nothing more than the physical form of social networking for students.

‘Financially, the events provide a significant boost to the local economy.’

Organisers have printed flyers and posters to remind students how to enjoy the night safely.

Six event managers will be on hand throughout the night to supervise the event.