Study says that 37 is too old to go clubbing

YOU ARE too old to go clubbing by the age of 37, a new survey claims.

Wednesday, 12th July 2017, 7:51 am
Updated Tuesday, 18th July 2017, 8:22 am
A DJ at Portsmouth's Pryzm

After the recent Great Indoors Study survey revealed that almost 47 per cent of us dread the idea of a night out, we at The News wanted to know whether locals around this age range prefer to stay at home, tuck into a takeaway and binge-watch their favourite shows or if they spend their weekends sticking on their best outfit and heading to the nearest club.

We asked the staff at 1000 Lakeside, North Harbour what they think and what song gets them on to the dance floor.

Lou Barrett, 43, said: ‘I go to the Lord Palmerston every Saturday and love a dance. Anything from the ’90s gets me straight on the dance floor.’

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While Lou spends her Saturday night dancing into the wee hours, some of the Lakeside staff weren’t as enthusiastic.

Tom Loftus, 47, said: ‘There should be a cut-off. It makes me cringe to see people in clubs who are older than me, chatting people up or snogging. That said, 37 is a bit young.’

Susan Moody, 48, said: ‘I stopped going clubbing 10 years ago, they must be talking about me! These studies don’t do the public any good. Plenty of bars in Portsmouth cater to the older crowd. I wouldn’t be afraid to pop in, especially if I heard Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars!’

David Wagstaffe, 55, said he went out but kept things low-key. He said: ‘I’ll go for a meal and a glass of wine. I love parties but won’t go clubbing. That’s for the youngsters.’

Pryzm club manager David Joyce, 58, said: ‘The south has plenty of clubs for over-30s. Our customers who are over 40 hire booths as they like to mingle with friends. I also see lots of festivalgoers in their 50s. These days, people of all ages can enjoy clubbing.’