Surprise on little girl’s face wins One Summer’s Day competition with Chichester Harbour fishing jaunt

Sarah Fossey's picture of he grrandaughter Darcey won the One Summer's Day contest
Sarah Fossey's picture of he grrandaughter Darcey won the One Summer's Day contest
  • The News chose August 29 for readers to capture the perfect summer’s image
  • Hundreds of entries to One Summer’s Day competition
  • Winner was five-year-old Darcey Fossey
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IT IS a moment of sheer joy, captured by a proud grandmother.

And the instant where five-year-old Darcey Fossey reels in her first fish has scooped first prize in The News One Summer’s Day photography competition.

Grandmother Sarah Fossey was overwhelmed to have won.

The 49-year-old, of West Street, Havant, said: ‘Wow – that’s absolutely fantastic. I’m delighted to have won.

‘My husband Pat and I have a boat which we like to take out when the weather is nice and this was the first time we’d taken our grandaughter Darcey.

‘The plan was to have a little pootle around on Chichester Harbour. Darcey absolutely loved it.

‘We didn’t even think about going fishing. Then, because we had a little rod on the boat, Darcey put it over. We thought she might get lucky and get a couple of crabs but within minutes she’d hooked a little bass.’

Sarah added: ‘It was a lovely morning and we wanted to make the most of it.

‘I’m so chuffed we managed to capture it on camera. I took three photos. The first one, where she’d just caught the bass, she looked horrified.

‘In the second one you can a grin starting to appear and when the bass was in front of her she was over the moon.

‘She was happy to put it back in the water though, and says she’ll catch it again when it’s a bit bigger.’

The One Summer’s Day competition was held on August 29, the Bank Holiday, when there was lots going on across the area.

The News was inundated with photos of people relaxing on the beach, revelling at Victorious Festival and soaking up the sun in the garden.

But it was Sarah’s completely natural image of Darcey which captured picture editor Sarah Standing’s eye.

She said: ‘This photo has everything. The sun is shining, Darcey is smiling, there’s even a fish is in it.

‘The light is good and it was perfect timing to have got all of that in one, unposed image. It perfectly sums up One Summer’s Day’.

Sarah has won a three-night weekend break at Selsey-based Bunn Leisure for six people. See other entries in The News and online at throughout the week.