Survey: What Christmas means to YOU

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CHRISTMAS is not as magical as it used to be, according readers of The News.

More than half of people (54 per cent) who responded to our Christmas survey admitted it does not bring them the same magic as bygone years.

Christmas is a time for family

Christmas is a time for family

More than 200 people answered the survey, and for this question 18 per cent said Christmas is more magical than ever and 27 per cent said the magic is about the same as ever.

On the shopping front, a resounding 74 per cent of readers said there are too many hyped-up special shopping days in the run-up to Christmas, while a narrow majority of 52 per cent said the sales start too early after December 25.

The majority of readers also played down the religious side of Christmas, with 67 per cent stating that they will not go to church during the festive period.

As you might expect, most readers (56 per cent) plan to roast a turkey for their Christmas Day meal instead of other options, and the majority of people (56 per cent) agreed the amount of time they get off work is about right.

*Watch our video slideshow for the full list of questions and answers.

Not all respondents answered every question, as reflected in the percentage totals for some answers.