Sword swallower stars on German TV

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SOME circus performances are hard to swallow but not if you are world renowned sword eater Ian Brown.

The performer, known as El Lurchio, appeared on Britain’s Got Talent last year and showed off his talent – pulling a vehicle by a swallowed sword.

screen grab sword Swallower Ian Brown Supertalent 2014 rep kb

screen grab sword Swallower Ian Brown Supertalent 2014 rep kb

This summer he travelled to Germany and appeared in their version of the show Das Supertalent and attempted to break the world record of pulling the heaviest vehicle by a swallowed sword.

Fareham-born Ian, 31, said he was at Fareham Park Infant School when Zippo’s circus came round and taught children some circus skills and was hooked.

He now performs with the Circus of Horrors.

Even though he didn’t make it through the first rounds of Das Supertalent he knows he has broken the record which stands at 3,740lbs.

He said: ‘I pulled more than I did on the day, but played it safe to make sure I got the record. I’m still waiting for Guinness to verify it.’

Ian’s extraordinary skill has become part of family life for his partner Wendy Flemming and her son Royce Gudgin.

‘He is very dedicated in what he does, he practices for hours and hours,’ said the 47-year-old.

‘He can be doing whatever he’s doing in the corner and we just sort of ignore him. I can carry on watching Eastenders while he’s sword swallowing in the corner. It’s sort of everyday life.’

Ian has not escaped his performances completely unhurt though.

He said: ‘I put a sword down a bit fast in one show at the wrong angle and basically, it poked my heart.

‘It felt like I had been hit in the chest.

‘About an hour later I was fine, there was no blood on the sword when it came out so it was alright.’

Mr Brown and the Circus of Horrors returned to Fareham on November 20 and performed at the Ferneham Hall.

For that show he hooked a cider barrel on to his eye sockets and spun it around.

Mr Brown said: ‘At Ferneham Hall you are closer to the audience, which I like. I prefer to be very close to see their reaction.’