Take him to the tower! Gosport sailor is now a Beefeater

PROUD Rob Fuller
PROUD Rob Fuller
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FORMER Warrant Officer Rob Fuller has traded his navy rations for a new job as a Beefeater.

The 52-year-old, from Gosport, is the first member of the Royal Navy to have been appointed to the prestigious role of Yeoman Warder.

He now lives in the Tower of London with his wife and their two children.

He served on several ships in his 34 years in the navy, including HMS Ark Royal, before taking up this post.

The new Beefeater said: ‘I feel very proud and privileged to be appointed as a Yeoman Warder.

‘I really enjoy interacting with the public and providing them with information.

‘Living in the Tower of London is surreal – outside my living room window is Tower Bridge.

‘My kids think it’s cool.

‘They like dad’s job and his new London pad a lot.’

Until now, only service members who pledged allegiance to the monarch could be Beefeaters.

Navy members instead swore an oath to the Admiralty.

Since arriving at the tower in May, he has had to memorise its history and learn the Ceremony of the Keys.

His training has also taken him to Hampton Court Palace.

On October 20, Mr Fuller had his storytelling capabilities put to the test before being allowed to lead his first tour through centuries of the tower’s history.

His last role in the navy was as a communications specialist based at Fareham’s HMS Collingwood.


BEEFEATERS guide tourists through the centuries of grisly history at the Tower of London.

They are properly called Yeoman Warders, named after those who were responsible for guarding the tower’s gates and royal prisoners.

Beefeaters today are all former warrant officers from the armed forces, with an honourable service record of at least 22 years.

They combine their traditional ceremonial role with that of a tour guide.