Tears but a party atmosphere too at Jasmine’s funeral

Lord Mayor of Portsmouth Cllr Ken Ellcome with Jean and Allan Thompson. Picture: Chris Moorhouse

Unsung heroes who have contributed to Portsmouth are honoured by prime minister

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A horse-drawn carriage brought Jasmine Allsop to her funeral as mourners looked on and the church’s bell tolled.

The 14-year-old’s family arrived in a bright Barbie pink limousine, which had followed behind the white carriage pulled by two white horses wearing pink and white feather head dress.

Jasmine Allsop's hearse arrives at the church today

Jasmine Allsop's hearse arrives at the church today

The Gosport teenager was killed when she was hit by a car in Ann’s Hill Road, at 4am on November 3. Her best friend, 16-year-old Olivia Lewry, was seriously hurt and died in hospital a few hours later.

Mother Carrie Thompson, the vicar leading the service at Saint John’s the Evangelist Church, in Forton Road, Gosport, said it was a time for both mourning and celebration.

She encouraged mourners to party waving glowsticks in part of the service as the lights are turned off.

Dozen of tearful young mourners arrived for Jasmine’s funeral.

Many of them are dressed with items of bright pink clothing, some with their hair dyed the same colour.

The church was bedecked with pink in tribute to Jasmine.