Terrier left in freezing weather at Stubbington Ark

DUMPED The Staffordshire bull terrier left outside Stubbington Ark animal shelter
DUMPED The Staffordshire bull terrier left outside Stubbington Ark animal shelter
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A DOG was abandoned outside Stubbington Ark animal shelter.

A female Staffordshire bull terrier was found shivering and scared outside the shelter when workers arrived.

Vanessa Eden, head of fundraising at the Ark, found the dog.

‘She was very frightened and shivering, even though she was wearing a padded coat,’ she said.

The dog was left with a bowl of water and a bed, along with its collar and lead.

It is thought that it had been there overnight, with temperatures plummeting to as low as freezing point.

Workers at Stubbington Ark, which is run by the RSPCA, have named the dog April.

Apart from some bad teeth, which are being seen to by the Ark’s veterinary dentist, April is healthy.

There have already been a couple of people interested in giving April a new home, although there is no definite destination for her yet.

Staffordshire bull terriers are one of the most common dogs to be received by the shelter.

Vanessa said this could be down to the breed’s popularity and not negative media reports on how dangerous Staffies can be.

It is thought April could have been abandoned because of the owner’s financial problems.

Vanessa said: ‘Since the recession, our animal intake has grown by 40 per cent.’

Stubbington Ark has a capacity of 600 and is home to 598 different animals, including cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, rodents and caged birds.

Currently, the shelter has a variety of breeds and animals, including 10 German Shepherd puppies.

The Ark must raise £3,000 daily in order to stay open.

It relies solely on donations and does not receive any funding from the RSPCA headquarters, or the state or any lottery funding.

It costs the Ark £100 a week to keep a dog, this is because of the cost of vet bills, food and boarding.

For more information go to stubbingtonark.org.uk, or if you can provide a loving home to April or any other of the Ark’s animals call (01329) 667541.