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Greg Miller Picture: Malcolm Wells
Greg Miller Picture: Malcolm Wells
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The latest blog from Gosport sailor Greg Miller, the skipper of the Mission-Performance team in the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race

IT is day one of the third

race in the Clipper Round the

World Yacht Race from Cape Town, SouthAfrica to Albany in western Australia.

Twelve ocean-racing

yachts left Gosport in August

for the 40,000 nautical mile


What a start! We had everything you could wish for in a race start...well a little too little wind!

It was blowing dogs off leads to start with, then as we approached the first (windward) mark the wind dropped off and we had to move all bodies down to the leeward side and use gravity to make the sails the shape they should be.

Then the wind picked up again as we approached the turning mark and the final mark before heading towards Australia.

There were all sorts of shenanigans as we vied for position at the mark with Da Nang – Viet Nam, as we hoisted our Yankee 1, our largest headsail and dropped our windseeker.

We could see other boats struggling around us, LMAX Exchange had a few minor problems with its spinnaker and Great Britain had a few problems with its windseeker.

We climbed below Qingdao and then they tacked off towards Cape Town again following LMAX Exchange as they tacked below us and headed for Cape Town also.

Then the wind dropped around Robben Island and we were back to light airs sailing again!

All in the day of an ocean racing team.

Mission Performance Warriors made some great friends in Cape Town and I would like to put a shout out to our new found friends the False Bay Sailing Association, who made contact with us while we were in Cape Town.

We now proudly fly their club burgee. Thanks guys.

Cape Town was a wonderful stopover and we thank all the Mission Performance supporters that came out to support us during our stay.

They even got roped into helping to fix our ‘Boadicea’ (lightweight spinnaker).

Thank you all for all the messages of support you sent, they were and are much appreciated.

We are now hungry for a podium place and know we can get it.

Mission Performance Warriors Out for Now.

n Greg Miller’s sailing

career began as a sea scout

in Gosport.

Between leaving

secondary school and joining

the Army he worked as a

sailing and water-sports

instructor in Portsmouth.