The News readers love Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson
Jeremy Clarkson
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THE News readers love Jeremy Clarkson, our web poll has revealed.

We asked readers whether they love or loathe the Top Gear host, who was suspended after allegedly punching producer Oisin Tymon during a row which took place after filming - over a hot meal at a hotel.

A total of 462 people responded to the poll and 62 per cent of them said they loved Clarkson, over the 38 per cent who voted the opposite way.

The last episodes in the current series of Top Gear have been postponed, causing the BBC to lose millions of viewers and receive thousands of complaints.

Some readers responded to this on The News Facebook page with messages of support for Clarkson.

Dan Wake said: ‘Speaking as a Clarkson fan, if he punched his boss then he can expect to lose his job. Top Gear however will not be the same without him.

‘I expect to see the show, or a variant of the show, appear on another channel, with May and Hammond and I shall continue to watch it.’

Stuart Michael Lee added: ‘Put him back on the show. Simple.’

Others commented on the Facebook page calling for Clarkson to go.

His Top Gear co-hosts, James May and Richard Hammond, declined an offer to continue the rest of the series without him, according to reports.

An option to have the pair fronting the studio segments of the show for the remaining episodes of this series was rejected, an unnamed BBC executive said.

It is believed Clarkson and Mr Tymon have now both given their evidence to the corporation’s inquiry into the ‘fracas’.

Hosts May and Hammond have tweeted about their time off in recent days.

Yesterday May wrote: ‘Seriously, if you really are unemployed, good luck to you. It’s not funny in reality.’

Hammond tweeted a picture of his dog and said: ‘Not trying to be cryptic, just enjoying a gorgeous morning. Off.’