This Gosport dog is missing after being spooked by fireworks

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A dog has gone missing after getting spooked by fireworks in Gosport. 

Winston, who was rescued from Cyprus last year, was out for a walk with his owner Mark Wyeth in Leesland Park yesterday evening when he became nervous and slipped his leash. 

Have you seen Winston? Picture: Mark Wyeth

Have you seen Winston? Picture: Mark Wyeth

Mr Wyeth, a Gosport resident, has launched an appeal to find the dog and help bring him home. 

He said: ‘I took him out last night at about 4.30pm to avoid the fireworks. 

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‘He were at Leesland Common. 

‘But some idiot let one off and he slipped his leash and escaped. 

‘Winston is a rescue dog from Cyprus.

‘He was doing really well this year but someone let off fireworks early, it was still light outside.’

Winston is described as looking like a Vizsla and the picture shared by Mr Wyeth shows he has brown fur with white spots around his chest and snout. 

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He added: ‘We got him last September and he was nervous during the fireworks. I just want to get him home.

‘He is a mongrel but looks most like a Vizsla. 

‘We’ve got another dog called Scruff, he is fine but is just missing his brother.’ 

Have you seen Winston? If you have seen the dog, you can contact Mr Wyeth on 07778852479 to let him know.