Thousands unite to enjoy a spectacular weekend of fireworks

Spectacular fireworks at Rowlands Castle Picture: Vernon Nash

THOUSANDS united to enjoy two much-loved annual firework displays.

Huge crowds of families, friends and firework-enthusiasts were wowed by displays at Rowlands Castle and Leigh Park at the weekend.

The fireworks display at Stockheath Common, Leigh Park, was a real crowd-puller Picture: Aaron Cockram

On Saturday, hundreds turned out to enjoy an exciting fixture at the Recreation Ground in Links Lane at Rowlands Castle.

Onlookers were given a taste of what was to come by a neighbouring display, before an explosion of colour filled the night sky at 7pm.

The Stuart family ventured to Rowlands Castle for the event from Hayling Island and London.

Grandmother, 84-year-old Frances from Hayling Island, said: ‘It was a brilliant display – absolutely fantastic. I liked the ones that looked like stars especially.’

The Rowlands Castle fireworks display

Her granddaughter, 13-year-old Amelie, travelled to the event from south-east London with parents Rebecca and Jason. She said: ‘My favourites were the spiralling fireworks that exploded into lots of different colours. There were some rainbow ones too which were great.’

Four-year-old local Lucy Harvey went along to the show with her parents Claire and Phillip.

Providing her summary of the night’s offerings, she said: ‘The fireworks were like a million stars flying towards you.’

The display drew to an impressive finale with a firework-lit message of ‘good night’.

Fun on the fairground rides at Rowlands Castle

Last night, thousands packed on to Stockheath Common in Leigh Park, where fireworks dazzled crowds for a whopping 20 minutes.

Craig Cockram, 50, is part of the Selstar Fireworks team which sets up the display each year. He also heads the newly-established community group Friends of Stockheath Common – which will rally for cash to hold next year’s display, after havant Borough Council announced last week it will no longer fund it.

Speaking after the event concluded, picking up rapturous applause, Mr Cockram said: ‘The display was absolutely fantastic.

‘The appreciation the crowd showed after the last firework went up was stunning, they loved it.

Adam Mummery (4) and Isla Lewis (3) ride the train whle Isla's Mum Suzanne looks on

‘We must have had nearly 7,000 people watching this year. The show lasted about 20 minutes, but we had easily enough fireworks to make it go on for 50 – it was action-packed.

‘We’ve had people going round with collection buckets for next year’s show and, I have to say, it is looking like there is a very good chance we will raise the £6,500 we need to return for 2018.’

Fireworks light up the sky at Rowlands Castle

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