Timelord’s arch enemies given a festive makeover

Daleks outside Ian Beazley's home in Waterlooville
Daleks outside Ian Beazley's home in Waterlooville
Homer Close, where the incident took place. PHOTO: Google

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‘EXTERMINATE, exterminate!’ is hardly the message of the season of goodwill.

But take another look at the Dr Who villains on Ian Beazley’s front lawn and you’ll see that even they are getting into the Christmas mood.

Mr Beazley’s hobby of making Daleks has spilled over onto his front garden in Charlesworth Drive, Waterlooville which has become a mecca for fans of the cult BBC sci-fi show.

He has dressed them up in Christmas outfits – and says they are much more fun than snowmen.

The 47-year-old’s passion for the electronic alien began when he was just five and now he builds them for fun.

He has eight in his house and gave a few of them a festive makeover.

Mr Beazley, a former post office worker, said: ‘Although I wasn’t a big Dr Who fan I found the Daleks fascinating.

‘I used to hide behind the sofa terrified of them but although they scared me I wouldn’t turn the telly off.

‘One year the Radio Times printed instructions on how to build one.

‘I put them away and I remember thinking to myself, “I’m going to make one of those myself when I’m older”.

‘A few years ago I was medically retired and I had a go. It was so much fun I thought I’d have another go.

‘I have obsessive compulsive disorder so I’ve made one from every era as they are different every decade.’

Some of the Daleks have mobility scooters built in to them so they can be driven while others are static and have flashing lights.

All of them are safely wired up to the house so if anyone tries to steal them they will set off an alarm.

Despite repeated requests to buy them Mr Beazley says he couldn’t part with them.

‘I get people up here every 10 minutes having their photo taken with them,’ he said.

‘Some knock on my door and ask if they can take a picture and I say yes but ask that in return they make a donation to Cancer Research.

‘My father died of cancer and it was awful so that’s why I support the charity.

‘Seeing the joy they bring to other people brings a huge smile to my face.

‘Just the other day a bloke pulled up in a car, jumped out in a full Father Christmas outfit, put his arm around one of the Daleks and his mate took a picture.

‘I’ve even had police officers knock the door and ask if they can have their picture taken. I thought children might like them but it’s mostly attracted grown men.’