Times for Tim Peake’s ‘Santa’ flight

Tim Peake
Tim Peake
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Astronaut Tim Peake is to make a ‘Santa’ flight over Portsmouth

The spaceman from Westbourne and his two colleagues in the International Space Station are due to hurtle by - looking for all the world like Santa’s sleigh in the distance - tomorrow afternoon.

Provided there is no heavy cloud, the ‘sleigh’ will be visible as a bright light moving rapidly through space - travelling almost five miles a second at a height of more than 200 miles above the earth.

It will appear over the Portsmouth area at 5.21pm on Christmas Eve, first seen at 17 degrees above the skyline to the south-south-west. It will be visible for two minutes before disappearing 11 degrees above the skyline to the south.

The Christmas Eve flight is one of the many opportunities to see the ISS provided the skies are clear.

Today it is due to appear over the Portsmouth area at 4.37pm at 41 degree above the skyline in the south west and will take three minutes to reach its disappearance point, 12 degrees above the skyline in the south-east.

Details of future sighting opportunities are here.

The Met Office forecast for Portsmouth tomorrow is hopeful for ‘sleigh’ watchers. It says: ‘Bright start but strong winds and rain moving east through the morning, clearing mid afternoon to leave sunny spells and showers.’