Is Toby the terrier the oldest dog in Portsmouth?

WITH a beaming smile and a bundle of energy, you wouldn't think that Toby counts as a senior citizen.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 5th November 2018, 4:43 pm
Updated Tuesday, 6th November 2018, 9:38 am
Toby the Terrier. Picture: Supplied
Toby the Terrier. Picture: Supplied

But in fact, the Yorkshire terrier, who lives in Portsmouth, could be the oldest dog in the city.

Toby is currently 15 years old '“ the equivalent of being 76 in human years.

His owner, Maureen Coleman from Cosham, says that paying close attention to Toby's health has been the secret to his long life.

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Toby the Terrier. Picture: Supplied

That, and roast dinners.

We bought Toby from a breeder on the Isle of Wight when he was eight-weeks-old. I just love Yorkshire terriers and he has been a joy ever since.

'˜He has the odd grey hair but other than that you would not be able to tell how old he is, he still looks so young.

'˜We take him to the hairdressers every few weeks, so he can have a hair trim and be bathed. He loves the attention and we want him to look his very best.'

Toby the Terrier. Picture: Supplied

It was Toby's owner's vigilance that led to an issue with his heart being spotted early

Toby frequently visits the team at Sanctuary Vets in Farlington '“ when he's not busy chasing balls or going out on walks.

Head veterinary nurse vet Katarzyna Szwarc said: '˜The practice team loves seeing Toby when he comes in and we are pleased to see him enjoying his twilight years.

'˜With the advances in clinical care and veterinary help we are seeing that dogs are living longer, and it is important owners keep an eye on their pet for signs of change in health and behaviour as they reach their twilight years.

Head veterinary nurse Katarzyna Szwarc (in green), Toby, and owner Maureen Coleman. Picture: Supplied

'˜By doing this it allows illnesses to be picked up early and treated like in the case of Toby and his enlarged heart issue.'