Torch revealed before Portsmouth visit

UNVEILED Seb Coe holds aloft the Olympic Flame
UNVEILED Seb Coe holds aloft the Olympic Flame
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THIS is the type of torch more than 100 people will use to carry the Olympic flame through Portsmouth.

The golden torches will be carried by 8,000 runners on the London 2012 torch relay, with each having their own one to carry.

The relay will pass through Portsmouth next year on July 15 for an overnight stop on its journey around the country.

An average of 110 people a day will take the torch on its journey – one for every 300 metres.

The triangular torch is 80cm high and weighs 800g. It has 8,000 holes in it to represent each person who carries it.

The torch was crafted from an aluminium alloy to make it easier for young people to carry it on the relay as it is thought young people will make up half of the 8,000 torchbearers.

London organising committee chairman Sebastian Coe said: ‘Members of the public right across the UK are busy nominating inspiring people to be torchbearers and I am thrilled we have a beautifully-designed, engineered and crafted torch for them to carry.’