Travellers descend on Southsea Common for annual summer visit

THE travelling community's seemingly annual summer visit to Southsea Common is once again upon beleaguered residents.

Thursday, 4th July 2019, 10:02 pm
Updated Thursday, 4th July 2019, 10:14 pm
Travellers on Southsea Common

Up to 11 mobile homes and cars descended on the common over the last couple of days leaving locals with that deja vu feeling after a similar flock took hold of the open space around this time last year before being moved on in customary fashion.

A smaller number were also spotted in the build up to D-Day 75 before being given their marching orders by authorities.

On this occasion, complaints have been made by some who feel travellers have overstepped the mark.

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Travellers on Southsea Common

Trina Owen, 47, of, Southsea, said: ‘I saw them shouting at a dog walker as she walked past because they thought she was filming them. I’ve lived here six years and every year they turn up. They get through the boulders where there is a gap to the path off Duisburg Way – I saw them.’

Fellow resident Hannelore Boulton, 76, said: ‘It is a nuisance to have them coming here all the time. There were some camped out just a few weeks ago. They know how to get in now. If they didn’t leave rubbish it wouldn't be so bad.’

Others meanwhile were sympathetic to their plight.

Chris Gardner, 65, explained: ‘It’s a shame they have nowhere to go. If they built a place in Portsmouth they could go it would stop them turning up.’

Lois Burt, 47, added: ‘I don’t mind them being here as long as it's not long term and they clean away all the rubbish when they leave.’