Two young deer rescued from Havant building site

Dan Timm with the two fawns. Picture: Portsmouth City Council
Dan Timm with the two fawns. Picture: Portsmouth City Council

TWO fawns have been reunited with their mother after they were rescued from a building site in Havant.

A construction worker at Dunsbury Park business development found the two fawns on the site, lost and exhausted.

Dan Timm, 37, from Portsmouth, is the site supervisor for construction firm BAM, which is working on the development.

After freeing the two young deer, he says he later saw them grazing with their mother while he was driving home.

Dan said: ‘It was good to see the reunion had been a success.

‘I had found them lying down, clearly they had been trying to get back to mum, but were absolutely exhausted.

‘I’m originally from Zimbabwe. I’ve handled a lot of wildlife and I actually attended agricultural school before moving into construction, so I picked them up gently and found a suitable location to place them back where they were safe.’

Cllr Ben Dowling, cabinet member for planning, regeneration and economic development, said: ‘Dunsbury is a parkland site and is rich with wildlife, which is part of its appeal.

‘The site is home to deer, pheasants, dormice, foxes, ducks and bats and we want to make sure that we are good neighbours to them so the construction team has regular patrols and once in a while they have to help a few out.’