UK’s sexiest accents have been revealed – here’s how Hampshire ranked 

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THERE are dozens of different accents across the British Isles, so it’s no  surprise that some are considered more saucier than others. 

The sexiness of accents is of course subjective – a Geordie accent might make one person swoon and then sound like nails on a chalkboard to others. 

Amanda Holden is waving the flag for the Hampshire accent. Picture: Kirsty Edmonds

Amanda Holden is waving the flag for the Hampshire accent. Picture: Kirsty Edmonds

So with 56 recognised accents in the UK and Ireland it might seem like madness to try and rank which ones are the sexiest. 

However this is what Big 7 Travel have done - and they roped in their 1.5 million followers on social media to help them. 

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Through a survey they have ranked the 50 sexiest accents in Britain, which includes the usual suspects and plenty of surprises. 

Pompey has its own dialect but it is not considered an accent, drawing from the ‘dockyard slang’ common in the Estuary English accent as well as from the Hampshire accent around it. 

So Portsmouth isn't included in the rankings – but the Hampshire accent is. 

How did Hampshire do? 

According to Big 7 Travel's survey our county's accent made it into the top 50 sexiest in the UK. 

It finished 39th and was above accents such as Brummie, Bristolian, West Country and Cornish. 

A Big 7 spokesperson said: ‘The traditional Hampshire accent is rarely heard in the county’s towns and cities nowadays, and is quite a rural accent.’

But because the Pompey dialect draws heavily from Estuary English – residents of the city have a second bite of the cherry in a way. 

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Here are the top 25 sexiest accents - with several big surprises. 

- 25) Northumberland 

- 24) Stoke-on-Trent

- 23) Hebridean

- 22) Surrey

- 21) East Anglian

- 20) Kentish

- 19) Highlands

- 18) Multicultural London English (MLE)

- 17) Leeds

- 16) Somerset

- 15) Lancashire

- 14) Cardiff

- 13) Edinburgh

- 12) Estuary English

- 11) Norfolk

- 10) Cockney

- 9) Yorkshire

- 8) South Welsh Valleys

- 7) Geordie

- 6) Scouse

- 5) Mancunian

- 4) Queen's English

- 3) Glaswegian

- 2) Northern Irish

- 1) Essex

What do you think of the rankings?