Under fire ducks, chickens and dogs evacuated to safety after blaze with ‘risk of explosion’ in Bedhampton garden

DUCKS, chickens and dogs were evacuated to safety after a fire broke out in a shed that spread to neighbouring properties in Bedhampton that could have resulted in a ‘massive explosion’.

By Steve Deeks
Friday, 26th April 2019, 9:30 am
Updated Friday, 26th April 2019, 9:38 am

Havant fire crew leapt to the rescue of the under fire animals in St Michael’s Road after reports of a blaze in a shed this morning at 2am.

But with the fire spreading to sheds in both next door gardens, fears were rife the fire could spiral out of control – especially after gas cylinders were discovered.

As brave firefighters tackled the blaze, six ducks, 10 chickens and three dogs were led to safety.

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It is not known how the fire started.

The inferno, which also saw damage to garden property, was finally extinguished by 4.30am. 

A spokesperson for Havant Fire Station said: ‘There was a sizeable garden fire that started in a shed before spreading to the two neighbouring sheds either side.

‘There was serious cause for concern because there were gas cylinders in the garden which meant there was a risk of explosion.’

Referring to the livestock, the spokesperson added: ‘Fortunately they were ok. The owners of the property came out and led them to safety and put them in an outbuilding away from the fire. 

‘There were also three dogs that were loose in another garden that were moved to safety.’

He added: ‘There was damage to the three sheds and garden furniture but no one was hurt.’