Vets warn Portsmouth pet owners to protect their animals this summer

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DOG owners in Portsmouth are being urged to protect their pets while enjoying the outdoors by an animal health organisation.

MedicAnimal, an online pet healthcare retailer, has issued the advice for the summer season.

The warning comes after the animal charity the RSPCA highlighted a national surge in calls to pets trapped in cars while their owners went shopping.

Andrew Bucher, co-founder and chief veterinary officer at MedicAnimal, said: ‘While being outdoors is great for us and our dogs, there are a few things that should be considered before 
taking your pooch out for the day.’

Advice includes making sure dogs have food and water available when enjoying the outdoors.

Mr Bucher has called for pet owners to consider purchasing specialised dog sun protection for their furry friends.

But, most importantly, Mr Bucher said: ‘Never leave your pet in the car on a hot day.

‘Overheating can happen very quickly as dogs and cats can only sweat through their foot pads – this is why it is so important to ensure that pets are not left in hot cars for any period of time.

‘If you suspect that your pet is overheating, put the dog in a cool place, spray with 
water and contact the vet if there 
is no sign of a quick recovery.’

RSPCA officers nationwide were called out to 106 reports of animals trapped in hot cars, caravans and conservatories over just two days in July as temperatures soared above 30C.